Have you noticed that your car or truck has been producing strange smells or buzzing noises? If so, it’s time to get your muffler inspected. At Hawker’s Auto in Loveland we have 37 years of experience dealing with Northern Colorado muffler problems and would be happy to diagnose your issue and provide a straightforward solution. Keeping your muffler in good condition can boost gas mileage, while also reducing unnecessary noise and engine damage.

Our goal is to always provide the most cost-effective Loveland muffler repair services to our customers. This means if a cracked muffler only requires simple welding, we will do just that, rather than opting for a complete replacement. We always keep your needs in mind and aim to provide you with products and services that will increase your vehicle’s dependability and longevity. Since each vehicle’s exhaust system relies on a functioning muffler, it is important to work with an auto repair shop that truly understands your car or truck.

In the event that your muffler does need to be replaced, our team at Hawker’s Auto will find you the most affordable option, while making sure it is installed correctly. We want you to drive away knowing that your car is running at its best!

If your muffler is in need of repair or replacement, contact Hawker’s Auto to make an appointment with our Loveland team.