One of the best ways to maintain your engine’s efficiency is to take it in for regular tune-ups. Hawker’s Automotive in Loveland provides the Front Range with tune-up services to keep your car running at maximum efficiency. With his 37+ years of experience, Bill Hawker trained his team to not only provide excellent service but to understand the intricate needs of each vehicle’s engine. When you choose Hawker’s for your vehicle tune-up you can rest assured that our team will complete a thorough examination of the vehicle’s components, while ensuring its overall performance.

Once our team has examined your car, one of our Loveland mechanics will offer you recommendations based on the needs of your vehicle. These can include: air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, fuel system cleaning, and spark plug installation. With regular tune-ups and maintenance your vehicle will have improved power, reduced emissions, and better gas mileage.
If your vehicle has been struggling to accelerate, produces strange knocking noises, or the check engine light is on, it is definitely time to schedule a tune-up service with Hawker’s Auto in Loveland.

Reach out to our team today to set up an appointment with one of our reliable and honest engine tune-up professionals!