One of the biggest safety issues that your car can experience is poorly functioning brakes. When your brakes are not in working order, it can affect the drivability of your vehicle and increase your chances for getting into an accident. If you have noticed that you have trouble braking, hear a grinding or squeaking sound when braking, or letting off of the brake, it’s time to contact Hawker’s Auto Repair in Loveland for a free brake inspection.

Rather than simply replacing you brake pads, we will perform a full inspection of the brake system including rotors, hydraulics, and calipers to make sure that the whole system is functioning properly. Since all these parts work harmoniously to slow your car down, it is vital to ensure that each part is working as it is supposed to. We can also check your brake fluid and replace it if it has become contaminated. Since brake pads and other brake parts wear out over time, having regular inspections and maintenance at Hawker’s in Loveland will reduce repairs in the long run and ensure the safety of you and your fellow drivers.

If you need brake service and repair in Loveland, contact Hawker’s Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment.